Baerwyn Dylas

The son of farmer Dylas, finder and wielder of the gemblade.


Race: Human

Class: Commoner

Profession: Farmer

Age: 15


It was Baerwyn who discovered the gemblade while plowing in his father’s field. Later, when the farmhouse was attacked by Goblins, he defended against the attackers with the sword, somehow able to unleash it’s extraordinary powers. Unfortunately, the boy was critically wounded by the Goblin leader who wielded a rod of Burning Hands. It was Agyelia Silverspring who – summoned by the fire and the threat posed to her forest – came to his assistance with healing hands.

Baerwyn remains grateful to the adventurers who helped to save his family as well as to Agyelia for healing him. The location of the gemblade is currently unknown.

Baerwyn Dylas

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