Daxter Albatros

Rogue Wizard Lightfoot Halfling


This surly looking, crochety old halfling carries himself with an overconfident air despite his short stature, a sneer the most prevelant feature on his face. Tufts of white hair stick out at odd angles from the sides of his bald head and his eyebrows follow the same rule, flaring out like a white fire. The massive white moustache he proudly wears makes his face look even more intense, though under the hard exterior, his eyes seem to have a certain mischevious glint.

His wardrobe looks like it’s almost a part of him as much as he’s used it in his life. Along with the weathered gear he always wears, a fitted cloak, boots, and an old helm, he has slung around his back a finely made quiver where he keeps his shortbow stored. Wielding a quarterstaff in his daily activities, he is constantly seen perched atop an exotic looking saddle that’s been fitted to his riding dog, Bruno.


Raised till the age of 6 in Halruaa, the Albatros family then relocated to Calimport for various reasons (mostly related to reasons unknown to Dax, though he remembers something about a strange man in striking red clothes putting pressure on his father right before they moved). The family lived comfortably in Calimport for two seasons, but near the end of his 7th year, Dax’ father was killed in a freak accident at the docks.
His mother seemed to become radically unstable in the events that immediately followed, and Dax remembers her ardently confessing to him, even at his tender age, that the “Red Wizards” had followed them and that they must take action against them. That was the last time he saw her, though what made him flee to the streets was the fire that claimed his house.

Growing up on the streets resulted in him having to become strong and able to survive, develop quick and agile fingers, and be able to avoid trouble as best he could. Becoming a successful thief, Dax never forgot his mothers words, but what could he do? His best option was to lay low and eek out a living.

One day, Dax happened to save the life of a hapless man who turned out to be a wizard himself! Despite being 50 years old, Dax agrees to take payment in the form of training as a wizard. It was his dream, after reading a story of the great Elminster as a youth. Ever opportunist to new skills and abilities, Dax and the man board a vessel from the Calimport docks to take a brief trip of training.
It was on that ship that Dax met Shamble, though at first it was a brief and cordial greeting. He was on leave from his army commission and taking vacation in the “south.” That was when the adventure between Shamble and Dax occurred. The ship was wrecked on an uninhabited part of Tharsult where it encountered a lizard-like creature. After an extended and perilous adventure which extended through parts of Urbeth and even into a higher layer of the Underdark, almost the entire ship company was killed, including the wizard, but amazingly Dax and Shamble were among the few that escaped.

That was 10 years ago. Dax and Shamble (though he knew him by a different name at that time) parted shortly thereafter. Shamble intimated to Dax much about his goals and motives in the Dalelands. Dax found this a quite intriguing place, but mostly for the tranquility it conveyed.
After parting ways, Dax proceeded to make the move from Calimport to the Dalelands, namely the outskirts of Daggerfall. Spending most of his adventure gained gold in the relocation, he still has his magic items and skills from a lifetime of thievery, as well as his skills he’s maintained from the wizard training he briefly got.

Upon seeing Shamble in recent years in the Dalelands, they both were incredibly surprised but were able to conceal it by quick hand gestures by Shamble. Meeting in a private place shortly after, Shamble detailed his life to Dax and so the two agreed to live as if they had just met each other. Dax told Shamble that he’d like to settle down and retire here, and Shamble told Dax that he wouldn’t bother him, just don’t mess with his plans. It was by no means an uneasy relationship. Neither sought the company of each other, for at the time Dax longed for quiet and Shamble had a task.

The years passed swiftly after that, and now Dax has found himself joined with a group as diverse as his life has been.

Daxter Albatros

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