Farmer Dylas

Farmer Dylas owns the farm on which the adventurers spend their harvest seasons working for extra coin when they aren't rummaging through a dungeon.


Race: Human

Profession: Farmer

Class: Commoner

Age: 42

Character Stats: Coming soon!!


Background information:

Dylas currently resides in his farmhouse near Dagger Falls. He has been living in the area as long as anyone can remember and assisted in the Zhentarim wars by providing food & lodging for Randal Morn & his troops. He has always welcomed the help of the adventurers for the protection of his farm and for their strong backs for working.

He is grateful to the adventurers for both saving his family from the Goblins that destroyed his farm and for saving his son who was injured. He and his sons are determined to rebuild their home.


Two sons, Baerwyn & Nadrin. His wife died many years ago and he doesn’t talk about her.

Farmer Dylas

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