Legend of the Gemblade

Fire at The Farmhouse

A mysterious gem-studded blade was discovered on the farm where the adventurers work during the harvest. that night, the farm house is attacked by a group of goblins, lead by a mage wielding a rod of Burning Hands and backed up with a monstrous Ogre carrying an arrow-lobbing friend. The farmhouse is destroyed and Farmer Dylas’ eldest boy Baerwyn was badly wounded. The goblins, however all either retreat or die through the concerted efforts of the adventurers Ghor, Whim, Dax & his dog Bruno, Borba, Shamble, & Jack Stone along with the aid of town daggerdalesman Breeks.

Still, there is concern for the wounded boy. Breeks suggests sending him into town to receive aid from the local monastery of Lathander, but just as he and Dax heads out on that journey, the wild-looking elf maiden Agyelia appears (along with Shamble) and is able to render magical healing for the boy.

Celebrations ensue. At least they do once the fires have been put out. Farmer Dylas and his children are taken to the Read Rock Tavern where they can get some much-needed rest, while the party relaxes with a few rounds of drinks courtesy of Breeks. They discuss the night’s events and all agree that all is not well, as goblins normally do not attack with such well-coordinated efficiency.

Plans are being made to seek out a strange group of furry attackers, separate from the goblins army, who got away. The huntress Agylia has been paid to catch and follow their trail and lead an army of Breek’s men (and the adventurers of course) to their front door…


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