Whims Journal

Whim’s Log

Sunday January 28, 2013

Players: Brad, Ryan, Kevin, Charles and Myself
PCs: Balean, Shamble, Tychus, Taggart, and Whim
NPCs: Haleneah, female elf in green, associate of Grumble Hammerstine
Unnamed Trader Convoy leader, female caster

Setting, Shadowdale, mid morning:
After meeting Elminster for a second time, the party strikes out towards the temple
of Tymora, Whim insisting that they receive their due rewards after facing the rude
behavior of the priest the previous visit.

Whim donates her cut of the reward to the temple, party receives blessing and 3 scrolls.
While there, party meets Tychus, a human cleric and he joins their group in the search
for Dax, and by extension, the gemblade.

Catching up with Taggart, the party decides to attempt to find Dax by having Tychus’
dogs follow his scent trail. Heading west out of the town gates, the trail led north,
then west. Trail ran cold after only a few hundred feet.

Deciding to try their fortune heading to North to Dagger Falls. Shamble contacted the
traders guild, found a trader willing to let us ride. Within a couple hours, convoy
is attacked by invisible force, turning out to be an air elemental. The party takes
minimal damage, one of the convoy guards sustains moderate injury to his face, but
after the battle, Tychus heals his wounds.

Convoy leader is concerned at the encounter, insists we pick up additional guards at
the next stop.

Party continues on toward the next town, where they will spend the night and leave in
the morning for Dagger Falls.

Thursday February 7, 2013

Players: Brad, Ryan, Kevin, Charles and Myself
PCs: Balean, Shamble, Tychus, Taggart, and Whim
NPCs: Farmer Dylas, High Priest Horlon of Temple Lathander, Haleneah, Grumble Hammerstine

Setting, Dagger Falls, late afternoon:

Party arrives without further incident, parts ways with the trader convoy and is invited to dine with Farmer Dylas and family in their newly constructed barn. Much drink and food is consumed and all enjoy themselves. Hags hair was partaken by those who wished to do so.

The next morning, party follows Balean to the Temple of Lathander where he inquires about a priest by the name of Jaborrin. High Priest Horlon is taken aback and invites the party to his private chambers to discuss further. Priest Jaborrin is no longer walking in the light of Lathander and has not been seen. High Priest Horlon discusses the gemblade with the party, revealing that finding the gemblade should also put us on the trail of Jaborrin. Discussing the evident connection of Jaborrin to the Brag brothers reveals talk of an ancient order, Sanguine Moon, a cult of lycanthropy.

Balean exchanges scrolls and records indicating the involvement of Jaborrin and the Brag brothers for scrolls and wand.

Further discussion of Larthic, his study of the gemblade and the knowledge he left behind in his notes. Larthic’s tomb may hold answers, Horlon provides party with a map to his tomb. Horlon sends party to meet with Priest Waeld, at the tomb of Larthic.

Party leaves Temple and heads to a Tailor’s shop, where they intend to find Grumble Hammerstein and attempt to fool him into thinking they had found Dax. Upon seeing Haleneah there, Whim scraps the plan and some of the party members speak to Grumble alone.

Party finds lodging, and prepares to follow the map to the tomb of Larthic in the morning.

Whims Journal

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